Apptrimony is your very own personal, on the go wedding planner

Go ahead. Plan your perfect day.

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At a Glance

Apptrimony is a beautiful, easy to use wedding planner app that will help you track your seemingly never ending list of "To Do's".

  • Manage your guest list with ease
  • Create tables and seat your guests
  • Stay organised
  • Create and track your budget
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Staying Organised

Stay organised with your To Do list by setting reminders or marking items as complete.

  • Countdown how many days there are until the big day
  • See how many guests you have invited
  • Keep an eye on how much you have spent so far
  • See how many tables you have arranged
  • Keep track of what you need to do

Invite your Guests

Manage your guest list with ease.

At a glance see who you've sent invitations to, who's RSVP'd, who's a day guest and more.

Create Tables

With our easy to use table planner you can create tables and seat your guests so you know exactly who's sitting next to who.

Psst... just letting you know, seating is only supported on iPhone 5 onwards

Stay within Budget

Create your budget and keep track of what you plan to spend and what you have actually spent to date.

If you spend less than you thought on catering you may have more pennies for shoes ;)